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This Online Assessment helps you identify your organization's preparedness for digital transformation. CDT helps you to navigate your DX roadmap with personalized and curated strategies built by peer group leaders and industry experts.


Digital Starters are likely to have initiated few activities that support DX, however it may not be the part of the strategy. Such organizations like to operate on legacy business processes and use restricted few digital tools and technologies. Few instances may indicate presence of DX awareness as a business imperative within the organization.


Digital Explorers start executing initial DX activities. These activities are purposefully carried out to support DX within the organization. Such organizations are at the early adoption curve of digital maturity and trying to drive awareness of DX as a business imperative. Some early successes are evidence that the management embraces DX, however it remains undeveloped across functions.


Digital Performers demonstrate some strategic initiatives to execute cross functional activities supporting DX. These activities are planned and documented with an intent to achieve higher degree of success. The activities driving the awareness of DX as a business imperative are well-coordinated and streamlined. The management has started observing positive impacts of DX and resonates to adopt digital landscape in further functions


Digital Transformers are standard-setters in DX. These organizations make significant impact on the business through DX with higher revenue streams and customer acquisition. The activities driving the awareness of DX as a business imperative are undertaken strategically, and most are fully streamlined, coordinated and automated with digital tools. New technologies are easily integrated into the existing business functions. Almost all employees have adopted the DX, leading to more agility and market shift.


Digital Disruptors redefine their sector by disrupting the market trends and drive DX. These organizations leverage the digital technologies to fullest supported by documented strategic roadmap to fundamentally alter business models. DX becomes a true component of company culture with cross channel digital integration. Digital technologies are well tied to the organization’s key performance indicators and are evaluated for business intelligence. The management has witnessed high impact of DX on business and created new markets of growth.


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Mr. Sumeet Walia

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer - Tata Communications and Chairman, CDT

India is in the midst of digital transformation. Regardless of the scale, size or sector, every business is undergoing digitization to improve business efficiencies. However, lack of access to guidelines and a clear road map remains key barriers to digital transformation. The launch of Digital Maturity Appraisal is a significant move towards bridging this gap and understanding the current level of technology adoption in India.

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CDT’s Six Forces of Digital Transformation

Digitization or Digital Transformation is not about Digital Technologies alone. CDT’s six forces of DX are built on 6x6 building blocks that help define an organization’s digital reality.

Digital Vision & Strategy

Technology Applications

Operational Innovation

Customer Experience

Organization & Leadership

Governance, Risk & Compliance