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1045– 1145 hrs

Inaugural Session: Innovations in Cybersecurity: Building a Safer Digital Infrastructure

The World has witnessed several high – profile cyber-attacks which have resulted in bringing Cyber security, top of mind among key decision-makers in organizations and nations.
It is imperative to highlight the challenges that security leaders are dealing with, the approaches they are taking to stay ahead of cybercriminals and the measures they are implementing to enhance cyber resilience not only within their organizations but also within the wider ecosystem.
The Inaugural Session and the sessions, thereafter, will throw light on how our future strategies can be shaped to deal with this emerging crisis
1145 - 1200 hrs

Tea Break

1200 – 1300 hrs

Session on The Future of Cybersecurity

In this interactive session, experts will discuss the technological advancements that are on the horizon and could impact cybersecurity. They will share their views on how organizations can prepare for these changes and stay ahead of the curve.
1300 - 1345 hrs

Session on Cybersecurity and Privacy

While ensuring security is necessary to protect valuable data and systems, safeguarding user privacy is equally important. In this session, we will delve into the challenges of striking a balance between these two needs. We will discuss the considerations that organizations must take into account and provide practical guidance on how to achieve the right balance.
1345 - 1430 hrs

Lunch Break

1430 – 1530 hrs

Session on Securing the Digital Infrastructure with Blockchain

This session will explore the benefits of using blockchain technology for cybersecurity. The discussion will be on how this technology can help organizations build a more secure digital infrastructure.
1530 – 1700 hrs

Gaming Simulation on Cybersecurity

Get ready to put your cybersecurity skills to the test, in an exciting and interactive gaming experience! In this session, attendees will participate in a cybersecurity simulation exercise that will feel like a thrilling game. With real-world scenarios and simulated cyber-attacks, you will have the opportunity to improve your incident response skills and build your confidence in handling unexpected challenges. Do not miss out on this chance to level up your cybersecurity game and become a true cyber warrior!
1700 hrs

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