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  • DX Ensemble
  • First Day
    Sep 7, 2021
  • Second Day
    Sep 8, 2021
1100 – 1200 hrs

Building a Digital First Organization

The Covid-19 crisis sped up many companies’ race to go digital. The idea of digital transformation had been popular for at least a decade, but progress was hindered by disparate approaches to digital strategy. The Covid-19 crisis changed the landscape. Companies that relied for years on in-person transactions suddenly found themselves in a frantic scramble to digitalize. A lot of organizations started by trying to replicate legacy processes, and it is a piecemeal approach. Many of these companies are still running their core businesses on pre-digital policies and the old ways of working. This substantially reduces their opportunity to drive real innovation and value from the adoption of digital technology. In this scenario, the ones who emerged successful were digital first companies. Being digital-first means rethinking every aspect of your operating model in three ways:
→ A clear strategy for transforming every aspect of the business – technology systems, people and processes.
→ The digital-first business leverages platforms that enhance experience, communication and collaboration between employees, customers and business partners.
→ The digital operating model is designed to be safe and secure, ensuring trusted interactions with all stakeholders
1210 -1255 hrs

Building Digital Trust – Risk management, Compliance and Security

Concepts such as digital-first operating models, the secure remote workforce and cloud and mobile-driven customer engagement are making digital trust more important across the business value chain. Digital trust will influence ecosystems, commerce and governance in the digital era. Multi-dimensional businesses have multiple critical relationships across customers, partners and employees, and will need to inculcate trust across the ecosystem by ensuring privacy of user identity, security of data and infrastructure, data integrity and risk mitigation. In today’s digital first environment, should trust fail across any of the elements or relationships, businesses will certainly lose money or even grind to a standstill in a worst-case scenario. Trust is built on a strong foundation of risk management, security and compliance, and on top of it sits the C-suite skills to ensure that it has become corporate culture. Enterprises need to adopt a pragmatic approach to implementing cyber-security practices to enable and sustain digital trust.
1305 - 1350 hrs

Age of born digital companies

Unprecedented growth, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology development - are some of definitive traits of successful start-ups rising in the Indian business landscape. Pandemic has caused challenges for some while creating massive opportunity areas for others. While traditional organizations are learning from the fail fast – learn fast strategies of these ecosystems, born digital companies can learn avenues such as sustainable growth, scaling to new markets etc from conventional organizations. Digital first strategy is where these 2 ecosystems meet. In this session, learn from the stalwarts of India’s start-up ecosystem to learn how to adapt at breakneck speed within the rapidly changing landscape.