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Schedule Plan On Oct 27,2021

1215 – 1245 hrs

Special Session on “Initiatives of Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C)” Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI

Mr Ashok Kumar
Director, Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre
Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI
1300 - 1400 Hrs

Session on Cyber Security: New Frontier for Strategic Capability Exports

Considering the security of the cyberspace, India has strengths or potential strengths in some of the categories but significant weaknesses in others, which need to be addressed on war footing. However, in terms of proving security solutions Indian IT companies & the start-up community has been developing world class products & services. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for the government and industry to meet local needs and enable India to emerge as a global player in cyber security. Given the geostrategic, economic and security advantages that a leadership position in advanced information technologies would bring, what steps should the Government and Industry take to ensure India becomes self-sustained and make Cybersecurity the New Frontier for Strategic Capability Exports?
Welcome Remarks by
Session Moderator
Dr Prem Chand
Executive Vice Chairman
MitKat Advisory Services Pvt Ltd
Panellists Mr B Raghuveer
Co-founder & CEO, Nivetti Systems
Mr Kinshuk De
Global Head of Security and Incident Management
Mr Tarun Wig
Co-founder & CEO
Mr Gopakumar
Co-founder & CTO
SecurWeave Research Labs
Interaction & Summing up by the Session Moderator
1415 - 1515 Hrs

Session on Changing work operation dynamics: Impact of Emerging Technologies in the Cyber Landscape

Recent years have seen significant advances in a wide array of new and emerging technologies with disruptive potential, several of which have an inherent cyber dimension. These include, inter alia, artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous devices and systems, telecommunications and computing technologies, satellites and space assets, human-machine interfaces and quantum computing. This session will discuss some of the key technology trends for the coming decade and their potential implications for the future cyber threat landscape. It will focus on the challenges that could emerge from individual technologies, from complex interactions between them, as well as with broader socio-economic trends. It will also put forward a set of considerations for preparing for, responding to, and mitigating these challenges.
Welcome Remarks by
Session Moderator
Mr Deepak Talwar
National Security officer,
Microsoft India Ltd
Special Address Dr Sanjay Bahl*
Director General
Panelists Mr Ripu Bajwa
Director Sales & General Manager - Data Protection
DELL Technologies
Mr S Sridhar
Vice President, Cloud & Security Services
Tata Communications Ltd
Mr Rahul Vinod Upputuri
Technical Architect
Apollo Tele Medicines
Mr. Amitava Mukherjee
Cybersecurity Head
Mr Prashant Bhat
Managing Director - Cyber Security & Privacy Protiviti
Interaction & Summing up by the Session Moderator
1525 - 1625 Hrs

Session on Building a workforce for tomorrow: Career in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity experts have become the most sought-after professional in the post COVID world as industries across the world grapple with surging data breaches, hacking and cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals are exploring new and advanced ways to infiltrate information systems, disrupt service, and steal sensitive information. With remote work becoming new normal, the hackers are having a field day. To that end, cybersecurity experts play a critical role in keeping companies’ data safe.
Currently, there are over 5,000 positions in the cybersecurity domain. According to a report, the cybersecurity workforce needs to grow 62% to meet the rising demand. The demand for security professionals is skyrocketing and shows no signs of stopping. From security architect to security consultant to Chief Information Security Officer, the potential for professionals to grow in this space are immense. Many companies are looking to make cybersecurity training and hiring a priority. Cybersecurity covers the whole spectrum of technical and non-technical skills. While cybersecurity as a career option is trending, there is a dearth of professionals with desired skills.
Given the opportunities in the field, is it the right time to start a career in cybersecurity?
Welcome Remarks by
Session Moderator
Ms Vinita Gera
Co-Chair, CDT, Senior Director, GM India COE ,
DELL Technologies
Panellists Mr Pawan Desai
Chief Executive Officer
MitKat Advisory Services
Mr Rajesh Dhuddu
VP & Practice Leader | Blockchain & Cybersecurity
Tech Mahindra
Ms Vaishali Bhagwat
Advocate ( Cyber & Civil)
Mr Parna Ghosh
Vice President & Group CIO –
UNO Minda Group
Interaction & Summing up by the Session Moderator
Conference Concludes