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CII-TATA Communications
Centre for Digital Transformation

The business landscape across the globe is undergoing rapid changes, led by digital technologies which are transforming the way systems and processes work. Companies find themselves at different stages of the digital curve and are being forced to rethink their processes and systems as they adopt and adapt to these technological changes. As they navigate their way through digital transformation, they face multiple challenges, ranging from limited budgets to a lack of know-how/expertise required in adopting digital technologies.


There is a need for a platform to bridge technology providers and technology users efficiently and create the trust for better handholding in this process. To help enterprises leverage the technology changes, CII has created a focused Centre for Digital Transformation. Tata Communications is the principal partner and Dell EMC has joined as the associate partner. The Centre is known as the Cll-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT). CDT is the latest among the CII Centers, which are focused institutes providing consultancy, advisory, and training services in specific areas such as quality, energy efficiency, business excellence, and others to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Our Goals

The CDT plays a pioneering role in introducing concepts and establishing digital transformation systems.


To evolve and leverage a Digital Transformation Movement that transforms India by building systems of intelligence, by bringing in more personal computing, helping an organization adopt the intelligent cloud and reinvent their productivity and business processes, thereby enhancing their effectiveness


To be a Centre of Excellence of international repute that provides exemplary products and services for the continuous betterment of the organization, industries, and society through digital transformation.

Ensuring Digital Transformation

CDT aims at emerging as the leading authority in guiding and enabling organization in building intelligent systems and helping them in personal computing, intelligent cloud and reinventing their productivity and business processes. The four pillars of digital transformation for any organization and industry are as follows:
Customer Engagement

Building better, stronger engagement by harnessing data which represents a complete view of the customer (or citizen in the context of government organization). Then drawing actionable intelligence, and using predictive insights which deliver digital personalization at a scale.

Employee Empowerment

Ensuring that the organization develops a digital roadmap and also meets its goals of digitalization, and especially of its internal services and process, and such that it provides the necessary digital work culture and tools to the employee.

Optimizing Operations

Optimizing process driven operations to reshape customer relationships and service models by gathering data across a wide, dispersed set of endpoints and drawing insights through advanced analytics that can be used to introduce improvement on a continuous, real-time basis.

Transforming Product & Service Delivery

Reinventing products, services and business models using digital content to capitalize on emerging opportunities by stitching the first three pillars. And helping the organization identify key metrics to demonstrate improvement in terms of revenue, employee strength and adoption of best industry practices.

CDT Services Portfolio

The CDT will play a pioneering role in introducing concepts and establishing digital transformation systems.

Training, Seminars & Conferences

Training is essential to equip employees with new skills for the transformation. Training programmes will be delivered through open house as well as in-house customised programmes. Experts will share points of view and best practices at seminars and conferences.


Study Mission

Industry-specific and region-specific studies are required to provide innovative and simplified methodologies by collecting feedback from stakeholders. While the fundamental concepts of digital transformation are common to all sectors, the application requires careful adoption of appropriate practices, tools and techniques to meet the specific needs of each sector.


Awards & Recognitions

CDT will recognize successful companies in digital transformation to create greater visibility and encourage participation in this journey. CII’s mission to enhance services for competitiveness of industry reaches a new peak with the establishment of CDT, an innovative and tailored Center of Excellence in its portfolio.


The current state of operations will be assessed and analysed using the right set of tools and practices.

Counselling & Consulting

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Sumeet Walia

Chairman CDT
Executive Vice President & CSMO
Tata Communications Ltd

Sumeet Walia

Chairman CDT
Executive Vice President & CSMO
Tata Communications Ltd

Vijay Thadani

Vice Chairman and Managing Director,
Co-Chair CDT NIIT Limited

Vijay Thadani

Co-Chairman CDT
Vice Chairman and MD
NIIT Limited