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CII-Tata Communications Center for Digital Transformation (CII-CDT) is pleased to release the Digital Transformation Excellence model (DXcel) that can be used by companies to baseline their currently level of maturity as well as to measure the progress in their DX journey. This model addresses 5 major aspects: Strategy, Structure & Governance, Process, Technology, Culture & Talent and the underlying business benefits achieved from the DX program. CII-CDT has developed a team of consultants who are drawn from the industry and they will handhold the company in terms of interpreting the outcome and develop an action plan for progress.

Benefits Of DXcel

  • Assess the current state of company from a digital eco-system perspective, across the chosen dimensions and sub-dimensions
  • Identify current or future pains that could potentially be solved through digital transformation
  • Identify opportunities for growth (financial and non-financial parameters) that could potentially be solved thru digital transformation
  • Enable the preparation of a prioritized roadmap/plan to move from current maturity level X to future maturity level Y
  • Act as a tool for continuous assessment during the digital journey, with the first assessment as a baseline

Who Is It Meant For?

CII-CDT Digital Maturity Model is meant for organizations which are at any stage of digital transformation. Specifically:

  • Large companies or units of large companies that are already in a digital journey
  • Micro, Small and Medium enterprises that are yet to leverage digital technologies but want to create a roadmap for digital
  • Organizations that want to measure the progress using a common framework

DXcel Framework

DXcel framework focuses on 4 major dimensions and multiple sub-dimensions to characterize an organization in its Digital Transformation journey. In addition, the business results achieved through digital transformation initiatives also play a key role in the assessment.

Once an organization expresses interest and signs up an agreement with CII, trained DXcel consultants from CII-CDT will have preliminary discussions with the organization to understand their current processes, systems and pain points. Based on these inputs, a series of face to face workshops are held with a cross-spectrum of employees to get inputs on the 4 dimensions – Strategy, Processes, Technology and People & Culture. CII CDT team will interact with representatives from all major functions and all stakeholders. An interim report is prepared and is shared with the organization, to validate the findings and identify DX initiatives that will address the pain points or create new opportunities. Once the identified DX initiatives are taken to closure and benefits measured, CII-CDT team will communicate the final report, along with maturity level and agreed future roadmap.