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Cyber Security is becoming increasingly important in today’s networked world and is impacting every aspect of society and individuals. The world is rising in digital, and technology is touching every aspect of human life. With evolving connected landscape, organizations cutting across sectors are grappling to protect their critical information infrastructure against growing threats of cyber-attacks.

Given the rise in targeted and persistent cyber-attack globally, many critical sectors, including the government entities, financial service organizations, retailers, IT/ ITeS, insurers, manufacturing, and healthcare providers, are facing challenges to understand and mitigate the possible cyber risk and protect their organization’s network infrastructure. There is an immediate and strong demand for cybersecurity professionals and a pool of consultants to address the growing threat landscape.

Moreover, the rapid increase in remote working amid COVID 19 and continuous development of new malware variants each day has led businesses to make sure that their endpoints are secure by employing the right security emphasize on the key factors required to drive full proof security for their organizational network. Cybersecurity is disruptive and game-changing. Threats proliferating faster than our ability to respond to them means that there is a great demand for cybersecurity professionals. Forbes estimates that by 2020, there will be as many as 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions in the industry. Cybersecurity skill development is a national priority.

The CII – Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT) in collaboration with its training partner ecosystem host a series of Cyber Security Training cum Certification Program for individuals and organizations.

The course is useful to strengthen skills on cybersecurity for professionals working with organizations including but not limited to government and non-government institutions, industry bodies, private companies, individuals, academicians, and Intelligence and/or emergency services; Corporations including MNCs and global organizations, SMEs and startups and NGOs.

The curriculum is designed with industry considerations to have a comprehensive orientation on cyberspace and would include learning with acknowledged industry leaders, subject matter experts (SMEs) and trainers on case studies, introduction to contemporary cyber technologies, trends, products and solutions, live demonstrations, industry visits, attackers' mindset, threats in the current economy, cyber laws and assessment exercise.

For more information please write to rahul.aggarwal@cii.in/ contact.cdt@cii.in